Sacagawea's Life

Sold to her future husband, Toussaint Charbonneau as a slave, Sacagawea accompanied him to an expedition, where he was hired to serve as an interpreter.She gave birth to her son during the trip that covered more than 4500 miles.Read other interesting information about Sacagawea.

Sacajawea biography and picture

Sacagawea biography

Life of the Americas most loved woman explorer. From a young woman to a pioneer whose actions changed the course of history and made us proud to be Americans.

Sacajawea Facts

Sacagawea timeline

See Sacagawea’s life and journey set in a timeline. All the milestones and dates in history that marked the great expedition. Measure the time taken to cross great planes and wilderness of the great American unknown.

Sacajawea and Lewis Clark Expedition

Theories about Sacagawea Death

As the one of the most important women in early American history, historical records of Sacagawea and modern myths of her life have created several theories on the circumstances of her death. Here you can find out more about all of them.

Sacagawea with her child