Facts about Sacagawea

She was 14 when she got married, 16 when she gave birth to her first child and 25 when she died. William Clark liked her son and nicknamed him "Pomp" or "Pompey" which means first born. There are no known images or photographs ever recorded of Sacagawea. Read other facts about this woman explorer.


Sacagawea or Sacajawea or Sakakawea

Sahkahgarwea, Sahcahgagwea, Sarcargahwea and Sahcahgahweah, while Lewis used Sahcahgahwea, Sahcahgarweah, Sahcargarweah and Sahcahgar Wea. One thing is certain, no matter how it is pronounced, her name will still have a place in history.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Maps

Lewis and Clark expedition

A trip that covered more than 4500 miles, Clark and Lewis went onward through never before seen landscapes, facing perils, hard winters and almost certain starvation to find the Great southern passage...

Sacagawea Dollar Coin Picture

Sacagawea dollar - Sacagawea coin

Since this mint saw light of a day back in 1999, Sacagawea dollar has been in circulation with mixed reviews. Technology glitch made its debut famous and a sought after collector’s item.

Sacajawea Statue

Sacagawea in fiction - Sacagawea pictures

This famous woman explorer was a long term subject to a several publications, novels and feature films. Sacagawea was practically unknown until almost one hundred years the Clark and Lewis expedition took place. Read about Sacagawea figure portrayed in feature length movies, publications and many other art forms.

Sacajawea Facts